Contact Us

If you want to reach one of the celebrants listed on Celebrante, please send them an enquiry using the short form on their profile. The reason is that celebrants don't pay to advertise on Celebrante, they only pay once they receive an enquiry.

So when you send them your message, you get an email from us with the celebrant's contact details, they get an email with your details and they also know that Celebrante is where you found them.

You can contact us at:

Celebrant Services Australia Pty Ltd
2/104 Deanmore Rd
Scarborough WA 6019
Phone: 1800 892 747

If you're wanting to contact a range of celebrants for your own commercial purposes, please contact Lance at helpdesk "at" and we can work out a way to get your message to them without the celebrants incurring an enquiry cost.