Celebrante works on a per enquiry model. You only pay for the enquiries you receive.

This means truly cost-effective advertising as you only pay for enquiries you receive!

Some celebrant advertising websites send an email to every celebrant in the service area. But here at Celebrante, every client who uses the site sends their enquiry to just the celebrants they are interested in contacting. What this means for you the celebrant, is that the client is interested in YOU! This enquiry can turn into a booking by discussing with the couple on how you can work with them to make their day their special day.

The cost of each enquiry stands at a maximum of just $30.00* for celebrants on a post-paid plan.

We also offer a range of pre-paid plans which attract a range of discounts.

  • credits
  • 1
  • 5
  • 20
  • 60
  • 100
  • cost per enquiry
  • $40.00*
  • $30.00
  • $28.00
  • $26.00
  • $25.00

*includes a processing charge of $10.00

For more information, download our brochure "Introduction to Celebrante" or click through to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or click here to visit our Download Centre.

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